Clash Royale October 2018 Balance Changes Update

Clash Royale October Balance Changes: YOU Choose the Balance!

The Clash Royale October 2018 balance changes are approaching and Clash Royale has given us some information about what buffs and nerfs might be coming in the balancing update. Also, the players of Clash Royale, namely you, will be able to choose to buff or nerf one of the cards in Clash Royale! Here’s all…

New Cards Leaked Clash Royale

New Cards LEAKED in Clash Royale (Electro-Dragon, Wall Breaker)

With the introduction of the September 2018 update into Clash Royale, there has been new cards added in the game files for future updates. When the September 2018 update was datamined, three new cards were found in the game files, which indicates three leaked new cards for future updates! Here’s everything we know about the…