Clash Royale Night Witch New Legendary

Night Witch Released in Clash Royale SOON!

The night witch is finally about to be released in Clash Royale after almost 2 months of waiting. It has been way too long of a wait for the newest legendary card and it is nice to finally know that the night witch will be here in 14 days! This is a bit of a…

Clash Royale eSports Crown Championship

Clash Royale eSports: Crown Championship

Clash ¬†Royale is officially becoming an eSports with the introduction of the Crown Championship. This will be the biggest Clash Royale competition in history and hopefully launch Clash Royale into the eSports scene as a major player! Here’s the explanation behind the Crown Championship and how you can join to compete in Clash Royale as…

2 Million Views Q&A

2 Million Views Q&A

Just yesterday, we cracked the 2 million view barrier on the website, which means that the Q&A is upon us. These are questions submitted by you guys on the website or on the Clash for Dummies twitter. Thanks for submitting questions and thanks for 2 million views… enjoy! Clash for Dummies Q&A What do you…